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TheWell Starter Kit - Water Filtration System & Mineralization + 1 Pack Peach flavor

TheWell Starter Kit - Water Filtration System & Mineralization + 1 Pack Peach flavor

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Product Description

Transform your tap water into a premium, refreshing water with TheWell, an innovative RO water filtration system that not only truly clean water but adds minerals back.

✔️ Advanced 3-stage filtration system including reverse osmosis removes almost all harmful particles such as arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, copper, fluoride, lead, radium, selenium, viruses, bacteria, hormones, pesticides, pharmaceutical traces and microplastics. NSF certified filters.

✔️ Enjoy great mineralized water taste and optional natural fruit flavors, to stay hydrated and healthy. 

✔️ Save money and reduce your environmental footprint with LANGWATER The Well. 

✔️ One mineral set can mineralize about 250 liters and the filters only need replacement every 24 months, making it an economical long-term choice. 

 ✔️ Natural Peach Infusion: The water flavor offers a light, refreshing peach flavor, made from pure natural fruit juice extract, It’s like fresh peach dropped into your water, with zero calories.

Key Features

✔️ 3-stage filtration including reverse osmosis.
✔️ Instant Purification and Re-mineralization with natural minerals.
✔️ Garanteed mineral level: 158mg Potassium, 4mg - Magnesium and 191mg Bicarbonate (HCO3) per liter
✔️ Green-friendly, no plastic waste.
✔️ Simple, self-cleaning, touchscreen operation.
✔️ Can serve water hot or not and in glass or jar directly.
✔️ Healthy fruits extract optional to produce zero calorie flavored water.

What's in the box

🗒️ TheWell Starter Kit Components:

TheWell Machine:
Easy setup with no plumbing required.

Tap Water Jar:
The Starter Kit includes a dedicated Tap Water Jar: no tank, no contamination.!

Clean Water Jar (Plastic):
Made from high-quality plastic is the recipient of the purified and re-mineralized water produced by TheWell machine. Capacity 1,5 liters.

Filter Set:
3-stage filtration including reverse osmosis, highly effective to ensure truly clean water. Crafted to eliminate impurities and contaminants, this set guarantees that every drop of water that passes through TheWell is of the highest quality. Our filters are NSF certified: NSF/ANSI 58 for the Reverse Osmosis filter, NSF/ANSI 42 for the Sediment and Activated Carbon filters.

Alpine Blend Minerals A + B:
To enhance your drinking water experience, we've included Alpine Blend LANGPAK A and B. One mineral set can mineralize about 250 liters.

Langwater+ Peach:
A light infusion of peach made from pure natural fruit juice extract with zero calories, adding a refreshing taste to your LANGWATER.

Care instructions

- Internal Cleaning: TheWell runs an automated hot cleaning program
- External Cleaning: please use a damp cloth to clean all surfaces, including the spout
- Water jars: both water jars are dishwasher safe in programs with temperatures up to 80°C (WARNING: placing the tap water jar in programs above 80°C may cause damage to its level sensor)
- For further details please see the user manual


- Width: 39cm (35cm at its base)
- Height: 36cm
- Depth: 35cm
- Weight: 12kg

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